Evolution of Post Audio

The more things change…

I’ve worked with and hired many audio professionals over the years, and I’ve come to understand what’s important to my clients. Although their specific requirements and delivery systems have evolved, they still appreciate a creative, flexible, and efficient approach to sound. A person can know Word, or any text software, better then anyone, but it doesn’t make them a writer. The same is true in audio. There is craft mixed with artistry and creativity. At Waterfront, we try our best to combine it all and stay cognizant of budget, time restrictions, etc. – can be a dance, as well!

As the tech changes and we see some gear becoming expensive doorstops, while streaming and online deliverables become the norm, we’ll try our best to remain current, offering the best of the new, and maintaining the enduring integrity of what has kept us here so long – creativity, flexibility, efficiency.